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Counselling Services

with Karyn Fleck, MSW/RSW

Counsellor/Therapist, Sexuality Coach

What is individual counselling?

Individual counselling is confidential treatment, focusing on further developing one’s insight, coping mechanisms and strategies to thrive in personal, work, or a variety of desires and challenges. Some concerns may be the impact of a certain behaviour on yourself, on others, how other people’s challenges impact you. Karyn is trained to identify challenging frames of thought and build on strengths to change these behaviours. Karyn can be a sound-board for you to bounce ideas off of, a neutral perspective on a certain dilemma, or she can be someone to clarify your thoughts and feelings through a difficult time in your life.

Specific concerns that Karyn is trained to help people address:

• Feeling stuck, feeling alone, searching for happiness

• Feeling overwhelmed, social anxiety, specific fears

• Trauma: sexual, childhood events, accidents, breakups

• Grieving: death of loved ones, end of relationships, loss of self (identity)

• Intimacy, sexual orientations, sexuality concerns, gender identity

• Career: work-life balance, money, life goals

• Challenging behaviours: substances, eating, spending, technology

What is Couples Counselling / Relationship Therapy?

Regardless of the intent behind seeking counselling, relationship therapy can provide a space to talk about the unspoken, to clarify the assumed, to heal the hurt, to strengthen the bond, amplifying happiness and fulfillment for all people involved. We acknowledge that relationships are complicated. There often is not a single answer, and there are always countless ways to look at the same problem. Having a neutral counsellor in the room can help piece apart reasons behind problems, can highlight themes in values, and can support translation between partners. Karyn can support you in defining what you want, and how you’re going to get there.

For people looking to strengthen their relationship:

To address a specific concern, resolving anything from pet peeves to destructive relationship patterns, work through challenging family dynamics, learn how to be a support for your partner, equality in parenting, to figure out what other partner wants, deal with past trauma, to find an equilibrium of sex drives or together to learn new ways to enhance sexual pleasure.

For people looking to start (or re-start) their relationship:

Support with revealing a secret, healing from a dissolution of trust or betrayal, newfound priorities, a shift in values, challenges following or preparing for major life events, a last hope to resolve relationship issues, drug or alcohol overuse, partner over-working, over-spending.

For people looking to end their relationship:

How to end a relationship gracefully, navigating resentments, communicate frustrations, starting a new, non-intimate relationship, establishing and accomplishing common life goals: parenting, finances, workplace needs. Get support for your relationship to move forward and connect in more balanced way.

Karyn offers in-person sessions in Regina.

If you're not in Regina or prefer to not meet in person, she offers online sessions.

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Karyn is one of the Three Best Rated marriage counsellors in Regina!

Check out her TBR® Inspection Report here.

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